She makes this unbelievable chicken on rice with this sauce that’s out of this world.

I was born in Lubbock—Buddy Holly was from there—and grew up in Dallas.

But have you seen these kids in Texas who play football?!

And then at one point in high school I had blonde tips in my hair.

It was when I had braces in sixth or seventh grade.

En route to a concert in Boston, George Michael was first delayed by the weather, then by Sting’s private jet, and finally by Bruce Springsteen’s private jet.

Damien Hirst dropped 0,000 on a bunch of clothes he thought were designed by Sex Pistols founder Malcolm Mc Laren, but Mc Laren is now saying the garments are fake. But I just look at it as: I have the rest of my life to do that. And I’m getting an espresso machine and I’ll have a tap put in. I’m not knocking having a relationship; at the end of the day, you want to share with someone. I learned a ton about dating someone in that kind of spotlight. It was reported you broke up with her via text message. I like to draw and I’m pretty decent, so I’ll draw little pictures and write quotes on them. It’s that simple magnetic attraction, where you just want to be around them constantly. All you need is a pool table, beer, an electric jukebox and good conversation. Ed goes, “Oh, did you hear that rumor about us being gay? You know what we really did the first time we heard it? Marc Jacobs and Brazilian boyfriend Lorenzo Martone got married in a non-binding civil solidarity pact in France.