“She told me she didn’t want to be a farm wife,” Jerry said. From then on, the Johnsons and the Fieks saw each other periodically — every 10 or 15 years — at the anniversary parties of those mutual friends. Betty and Harlen eventually settled in Northeast Rochester, where she worked as a nurse. Jerry and Hazel lived on the family farm near Norseland, north of Mankato, raising crops, dairy cattle and five children.

More information on submitting an abstract can be found here Intended Audience: This conference is designed for registered nurses and all other interested healthcare professionals who care for pediatric populations in acute, ambulatory, and community based settings.

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The horizontal line signifies the horizon, the vertical lines show the times of sunrise and sunset. How to use this Sun's current position over Earth Day, night, and twilight times in Rochester today. The darker blue shadings represent the twilight phases during dawn (left) and dusk (right). How to use this The Moon's path in Rochester today.

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