Not necessarily saying there’s something else, but simply that there’s something else that needs to be brought into question. "They are both signed with IMG [modeling] agency and run in the same friend group."In fact, they hung out together at the 2017 Met Gala just last month."Hailey has been friends with Cameron for a while now," the source continued, "But most recently they've taken their friendship to the next level."Our source also noted that neither of them "want anything serious" right now, they do enjoy spending time together.Though they didn't arrive together, they mingled among mutual friends once inside the party.

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With summer Solstice in full swing, there are loads of strange and bizarre activities.

Druid priest and witches everywhere are held up in the woods sacrificing animals and other creatures to their fallen lord.

You most likely don’t even consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend as of yet, but rather see yourselves as two individuals seeing each other or casually dating.3 Months into the relationship, you’ve told your closest friends as well as you’ve started telling your other general friends.

You’re likely considering introducing them to your family, but likely have not actually taken that step as of yet.

Though a few know you’re not longer on the market.6 Months in, this is generally when you’ve told many of your friends, you’ve posted a few things on social media and portions of your family have also met the person.

You also now refer to each other as girlfriend and boyfriend.

This is fairly normal when you just begin dating someone.

Think of it this way, 1 month into a relationship, you’re now all over social media showing each other off and talking about the 3rd date you all have been on.

Hailey looked like a Barbie doll in a hot pink satin slip dress, while Cameron donned jeans and a red and black jacket."They weren't together all night, but they had plans to be together after the party," our insider added.

Another source told us they are "hanging out" but are not exclusive.

In other words, you’re open publicly about your relationship. If you can’t call him and he answers the phone and has an actual conversation with you, there’s typically something else going on.